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“As the mortgage market continues to contract, effectively managing an indirect auto lending program will be a key component for your organization’s success.”

Frank Mercer
President /CEO
CU Lending Solutions LLC
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The Solution is the Challenge

Growing more productive loan portfolios, while creating more value for Members is the #1 issue facing credit unions today.
Traditional approaches to auto loan portfolio management and strategy are no longer adequate for the complexity of today’s lending markets. Credit unions which are spanning multiple product and service markets, value chains, and geographies face a unique challenge. As a premier lending strategy and operations firm, CU Lender Management (CULM), helps credit unions develop, build, and operate strong non-prime auto lending businesses that deliver sustained Member value.

How CULM Helps:

Organizations are what stand between a winning strategy and its realization. As a result, having an organization with the flexibility and adaptability to rapidly transform an evolving strategic vision into concrete and appropriate action is a powerful competitive advantage. CULM works with credit unions along a number of dimensions.
CULM takes their partnership with its clients very seriously. We know and understand that collaboration is vital to any successful project or initiative.
CULM strives to ensure our partnership with your credit union comprises of the following:

  • Form a vision early in the process and constantly remind people of it
  • Develop a common understanding of the issues and the participants
  • Create ownership among participants
  • Seek common ground and act
  • Be patient and have some fun

CULM will do this by:

  • Identifying mutually agreed results from the start
  • Creating measurable results and an open forum for evaluation
  • Holding participants accountable
  • Keeping your management informed of our progress

CULM firmly believes that with combined efforts the more productive and effective your outcome will be.

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